The Reality Of A Fire Emergency

An employee of ours recently had a fire in her backyard. The neighbor’s trampoline blew over the fence. The metal frame hit a power line, arced to the ground and instantly started a brushfire. She had a large 5 pound ABC fire extinguisher in her home. She knew how to operate the extinguisher properly by pointing the hose at the base of the fire and using a sweeping motion. She was able to keep the fire under control until the fire department arrived. 

Many people have small 1 pound fire extinguishers from Home Depot or Costco in their home. These help with minor fires, but do very little to keep a larger fire under control. These small extinguishers don’t have a discharge hose, making it dangerous to get close to the base of a fire. They also have a much shorter discharge time of 30 seconds. 

This wasn’t her first experience in a critical fire situation, however her first thought was just how fast it happened and how rapidly it spread. Her second thought was how effective the extinguisher actually was. 

Many business and home owners don’t think about the importance of fire safety until a fire actually happens. We hear this over and over from our customers. Many of them will purchase fire safety equipment with some hesitation. They see the whole process as a financial burden, something unnecessary that’s being forced on them by insurance and local compliance regulations. 

When we visit these same customers after a fire emergency, their position has changed. They have no doubt they made the right investment. Not only because property and lives were saved, but because they now understand the severity of a true fire emergency. For these business owners the investment in reliable fire equipment and service is now a fundamental part of running a responsible and professional operation. 

Our employee was able to have this experience firsthand and also feel like her preparedness may have kept the situation from getting worse. 

There’s a peace of mind in knowing that your business is properly protected. As a business owner this allows you to focus on other parts of your operation with confidence. 

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