The Evolution of Advanced Fire a CertaSite Company

Through the years we've seen many changes in the industry, from the development of new technologies to the evolution of codes and compliance.

For us, one thing has always been true - we love what we do. We go to sleep every day knowing we've done something good and essential.

Over the last 60 years we've watched our company evolve - from selling fire extinguishers door to door to specializing in deep mine fire suppression to streamlining fire sprinkler system installation to becoming a full service fire and life safety company. We are now merging our three companies into one. Approved Fire Protection (AFP), Advanced Fire & Security (AFS) and Advanced Fire Company (AFC) are now Advanced Fire, a CertaSite Company.

"Fire protection is essential. We see this now more than ever. With the recent pandemic and a dramatic shift away from "business as usual" - we, as an essential service, have taken this transition very seriously. The need for life safety systems to be up-to-date and maintained by skilled professionals is more important than ever. I've trained some of the industry’s best over the past 50 years. I'm happy to ensure this passion for saving lives and securing property is handed down to the next generation of life and fire safety professionals. We look forward to the continued support of our existing customers to "Go Beyond Compliance" under the leadership of Jeff Wyatt of CertaSite."

Ron Cruder - Founder Advanced Fire Company

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Ron Cruder Founder - Advanced Fire Company

As we become fully integrated into the CertaSite family we’re looking forward to innovative technical and service upgrades - including new fleet upgrades and the introduction of the mobile CertaSite Customer Portal.

Our customers will soon have easy online access to their customer history, invoicing and reporting. This will be groundbreaking for us, as we move away from a traditional paper system to a fully integrated online system. The customer portal provides the additional benefits of:

  • tracking all assets with service record

  • showing when specific assets are due for maintenance

  • enabling customers to request service online

  • providing upcoming service reminders

One more way we're making managing your fire and life safety easier.

Our Expanded Service Area Now Includes

Along with these added capabilities for existing customers, as part of CertaSite we can also offer an expanded service area to support multi-state customer accounts under one contract. CertaSite serves over 23,000 customers in 15 markets, including:

  • Illinois

  • Fulton

  • Iowa

  • Bettendorf

  • Michigan

  • Alpena

  • Ann Arbor

  • Grand Rapids

  • Jackson

  • Kalamazoo

  • Sterling Heights

  • Ohio

  • Columbus

  • Kent

  • Toledo

  • Youngstown

  • Pennsylvania

  • Rimersburg

  • Greensburg

  • Wisconsin

We strive to be INNOVATIVE.

In an industry that celebrates tradition and history, we’ve chosen to invest in and embrace innovation and change. That alone makes us different from our competitors. We are committed to creative thinking, new ideas and open-mindedness.

The evolution of our mission:

As Advanced Fire, our mission has been to save lives and secure property, while building long-term relationships with our clients based on exemplary service and quality workmanship. By bringing passion to our work. Now as part of CertaSite, Advanced Fire, a CertaSite company will bring enthusiasm and positive energy to all we do, whether dealing with clients or our own teammates. After all, we chose to join CertaSite to be part of a new kind of fire and life safety company so we can change the marketplace - and have fun doing it.

As part of changing the marketplace, we join our parent company CertaSite in going “beyond compliance.” What does this mean?

When fire and life safety companies focus on mere compliance, they fail to protect what really matters to people: time. As part of CertaSite, we surround our clients with complete, proactive care— including a dedicated account manager. You see, we’re not just selling fire suppression systems, extinguishers, and the like. We’re giving people the guidance and tools they need to protect their buildings—and safeguard their time.

As part of CertaSite, we service, install, inspect, and maintain all the typical safety systems that protect you on a daily basis—things like fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and sprinkler systems. And along the way, we also give our clients an unmatched level of customer service and tech-based control over their fire and life safety systems. In the end, that makes their jobs easier.

Looking ahead.

We have always been at the forefront of fire protection. And we’ve never been afraid of the big changes that make this possible. This is part of our commitment to our customers.

As our mission evolves we will continue to look to our history for guidance while preparing for the opportunities of the future.

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