Security & Surveillance - A Comprehensive Approach

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

“There is no doubt that access control technology is progressing and evolving at the fastest pace ever in the security industry. And the need for enhanced security due to new sources of threats, increased liability, and even mandated compliance has made more funds available to public and private entities to enhance security.”

– Security Magazine, in June 2019, reports

Advanced Fire Company - Security Division - A Comprehensive Approach 

Here at Advanced Fire Company keeping unwanted people from entering your facility is a priority. While this is essential, there’s much more to protecting your company. This is why our approach to security covers all aspects of operations. Our goal is not only to protect property, but to also help you stay informed about daily operations and potential liabilities. In many cases our security systems are able to pay for themselves simply by providing the opportunity to monitor different variables, such as false insurance claims and safety protocol compliance. 

How our clients benefit from enhanced security: 

The owner of a local car wash wanted a system to monitor their equipment, customer vehicles and employee safety. We designed a custom high definition camera monitoring system that exceeded their expectations and also allowed room to easily expand. When one of their customers claimed there was damage caused by their service, they were able to review the footage quickly using timestamps, and see that there was no damage done. This was an efficient solution to a false claim that would have otherwise wasted valuable time and resources. 

Norse dairy wanted a system to insure that food safety regulations were being followed by their employees. We installed a high definition camera monitoring system to record all activity in the facility. This gave the client another level of confidence knowing that food safety protocols were being followed.

Jails are high security settings. When an incident occurs at the Fayette County Jail our systems are relied on to tell the full story. With clear video surveillance, details of all activity are easily seen and regularly used for evidence. 

Advanced Fire Company specializes in fast quotes and timely installations. We’ll do it right the first time using only quality equipment. We’ll leave you with a reliable system that’s easy to operate and maintain.

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