How Our Approach To Sprinkler System Updates Helped Namsco SAVE $40,000 On Their Insurance.

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

When Namsco’s insurance company inspected their facility, it was determined that their existing sprinkler system was not adequate. They needed a major upgrade to meet minimum requirements. They were looking at a 40% to 50% increase in their insurance premium.  Namsco contacted multiple fire protection vendors for estimates. They all told Namsco that it was not possible to upgrade the existing system and they would have to have a full replacement.

The owners of Advanced Fire Company reached out and saw this as an opportunity and a unique challenge. After their site visit and comprehensive analysis of the property they felt confident to support the upgrades where it made sense to and the retro-fit's and repairs to the remaining portions of the system. They presented an engineering proposal to Namsco which was approved, the upgrades were done in 90 days and Namsco now has full confidence in their sprinkler system. They also called to let us know with this change and update they managed to secure sizable savings to the tune of 40,000 deduction on their annual insurance premium.

This is another example of how fire protection can pay for itself with a solution based approach, and the right attitude. 

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