Hood Inspection And Cleaning - How We Do It

Updated: Sep 18, 2020


With 40 years of hood cleaning experience we know how systems work and what they need for optimal safety and performance. Our 37 point hood inspection system follows NFPA standards. We service all manufacturers including Ansul, Piranha, Kiddie, Buckeye and more. Our professionally trained managers and technicians have been doing this a long time, making our process detailed and efficient. Our managers take a hands-on approach to every job, making sure your system is getting undivided attention from our technicians. 

This detailed service is very important for your restaurant business. If your hood isn’t serviced properly dangerous particles can be released into the air, creating a health hazard for your customers and employees. If filters are clogged and ducts compromised, you not only increase the risk of fire, you also allow these contaminated particulates to circulate in occupied areas. When your system is functioning properly there will be a noticeable improvement to the air quality in your restaurant. Your customers and employees may not know how your system works, but they will notice and appreciate the difference. 

You will also notice a savings in energy - a clean hood is an efficient hood. When your hood is code compliant you also eliminate the risk of health and safety violations. 

With new concerns about Covid-19, we offer “no-contact” service. By servicing your equipment when your business is closed, we can limit personal contact. You leave us a key and we get the job done right and on time. We can also upload our report to your compliance engine, making the entire process simple and seamless.  

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