Sales, Service & Maintenance


We ensure reliability and functionality of our products through scheduled yearly testing, service and maintenance.   


  • D.O.T. Certified Inspection Facility

  • Assuring the most up to date compliance and regulations for the location and type of extinguisher we install for your business.

  • Confidence and experience in servicing of all brands and sizes of fire extinguishers

  • Never be without protection. If your unit needs to be serviced in our facility we will ensure you have a reliable temporary solution until your unit is returned.

  • Scheduled automated inspections. Never miss a beat in your fire protection.

  • Emergency and hazard assurance. We are a 24 hour on-call business - available when you need us.

  • High pressure hydro-static testing included with your services.

  • Recharge warranty compliance

  • Walk-in service welcome at our headquarters in Greensburg, PA.


“ Advanced Fire Co. handles all our fire safety needs from extinguishers, to fire alarms, sprinkler systems and now our integrated security monitor CCTV systems. They are the go to. I like having 1 contact to call.” 

—  Dan Spanovich, Owner KEEP SELF Storage Pittsburgh, PA


Different fires need different applications.   Selling and servicing all types of fire extinguishers is our specialty.


Call today to schedule a service professional visit to review your business's unique needs and decide on the model that is right for what you need to protect.

Part of our initial visit will include a full survey and assessment your property to ensure you have the  correct number of extinguishers required by code, and that they are secured, spaced properly and working efficiently throughout your location.

After installation, your service professional will automatically remind you when it's time for your annual re-certification of the extinguisher. As an added service for our customers our Fire & Safety division will also perform an OSHA-required training for your employees on the proper use of fire extinguishers. This will ensure they are ready to respond if a fire occurs.

We understand the investment our customers make to secure their property and ensure the safety AHJ compliance of public areas. We take great pride in the training of our professional certified technicians. We ensure the reliability of our the materials and fire extinguishing hardware we provide for our customers.  

Fire Extinguisher signage and installation.

Not all fires are created equal. Our certified specialists will advise you on the best equipment for your needs.

Protect your investment and adhere to AHJ compliance regulations. Sales and service of all fire storage equipment.

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