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Fire Sprinkler Systems



27 years of experience has made us one of the most trusted

companies for fire sprinkler systems. 

From designing and installing new systems and updating and maintaining existing systems in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. 

We ensure your sprinklers meet your unique temperature and discharge needs by offering a variety of designs and manufacturers of wet, dry, deluge, per-action and foam systems.


Ensuring our systems operate within all code AHJ compliance's. 


We believe that professionally installed and well maintained sprinkler systems are exceptionally effective in reducing fire casualties and property damage. 

Fire Sprinkler Services


  • System drain tests

  • Log system static pressure tests

  • Visual inspection of alarm, piping and all heads

  • Conduct system inspectors drain test

  • Verify all alarms, signals and flow switches are in proper working order

  • Verify system troubleshooting

  • Operate and test all system control valves

  • Compressor testing and maintenance

  • Hydro-static testing

  • Fire pump testing

  • Fire Pump Installation

  • Flush and Flow testing

  • Back flow inspections & pit testing with provided safety gear

Experienced certified   in-house design team helps us meet the time demands of the GC's.

Osha, NICET, ASSE internationally certified designing, installing and maintaining highly specialized systems for diverse industries from mining, data servers and cooling towers.

Fire Suppression License in the following areas:

  • Pittsburgh City 2020

  • Ohio 

  • West Virginia 

  • Maryland

  • Virginia