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"My passion has always been securing property and saving lives."

—  R. Cruder, President, CEO

Our Vision


To be the “go-to” company for fire protection and security services in the

Tri-State area.  


Our Mission


To save lives and secure property, while building long-term relationships with our clients based on exemplary service and quality workmanship. 



We Value


  • Clear, positive communication between our clients and our employees, in the field and in the office.   


  • Attention to safety. Everyone is responsible for making safety a top priority.   


  • Freedom to take chances that result in growth for the company and the individual - with the intention of improving overall success.   


  • The fulfillment of professional as well as personal goals for our employees.   


  • The mindful management of company resources - avoiding overconsumption and waste - with the goal of environmental sustainability.  


  • Employee feedback and insight in all of our operations.


  • Accountability, punctuality and honesty.  


  • Supporting our personnel. 


  • Referrals and our returning customers. 


We Believe


  • Our combined 150 years of industry experience inspires confidence in our clients.


  • Our customers can be sure that their lives, property and investments are secured with the most advanced fire protection and security technology processes available. 


  • Positive innovation and change comes from creativity, open-mindedness and the desire to do better.  


  • In the strength of having a diverse and experienced workforce.


  • Success requires that we stay on the leading edge of our industry - supporting ongoing training and education and investing in operational, managerial and technological programs.


  • The dedication of generations of employees has helped us become an industry leader in our region. 


  • In our commitment to getting the job done on time and on budget. 


Committed to excellence in our trade, within our community and for life and safety of our customers.